Successful cases

Usconsult represents its Clients before Arbitration courts, general courts, the court of intellectual rights. Winning cases are an excellent evidence of specialists’ effective work. We demonstrate some of the cases with the consent of our Clients.

For privacy reasons we do not reveal the legal opinions on transactions, on interpreting and applying the law, on business processes, etc.

Case № А45-27669/2012 on representation and protection of interests of State budgetary institution Property Fund of the Novosibirsk region
OOO "The Agency of Competitive Bidding" filed a complaint to the state budgetary institution...
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Case № А45-9986/2013 on representation and protection of interests OOO «KCHV-Servis»
Statement of OOO «KCHV SERVICE» to the Management of the Russian Federation Pension Fund on the invalidation...
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Case № А45-14968/2013. Experts Usconsalt represented and defended the interests of OOO "TRIMM Siberia".
The complaint of OOO "TRIMM Siberia" to the Ministry of Health of the Novosibirsk Region about...
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Case № А45-18391/2009 on representation and protection of interests ZAO "Iskitimcement" on the work contract for design works
The case file numbered several dozen volumes. Only in the court of first instance the judicial dispu...
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Case № А45-18367/2009 on representation and protection of interests ZAO "Iskitimcement" on a construction contract
In this case, the claimant ZAO "Iskitimcement" was ordered to recover unjustified enrichment from th...
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