Case № А45-18367/2009 on representation and protection of interests ZAO "Iskitimcement" on a construction contract

In this case, the claimant ZAO "Iskitimcement" was ordered to recover unjustified enrichment from the foreign company AO "Invest-Import" in the amount of 624,161,410 rubles 50 kopecks and the counter litigation JSC Invest-Import to ZAO "Iskitimcement" for recovery of 610,281,088, 86 rubles. The case file numbered several dozen volumes. Only in the court of first instance the judicial dispute was considered almost a year and a half and was carried out an examination of design documentation. With the signed certificates of completed works of ZAO "Iskitimcement", the quality and volumes of work performed were disputed. The Arbitration Court of Novosibirsk region made a decision to satisfy the requirements of ZAO "Iskitimcement" at 52,58%, the requirements of "Invest-Import" at 25,39%, with a recovery in favor of ZAO "Iskitimcement" more than 190 mln. rub. Appeal instance left the decision unchanged. In the court of cassation instance the parties concluded an amicable agreement.
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