Legal expertise of tax risks

Our broad experience in tax advisory, in defense of taxpayer’s before courts allows us to take account of potential tax risks, to choose an optimal structure of a transaction / a way of business decision implementation.

Interactors can implement the same process or business decision in different ways.

At the same time choosing an optimal structure of a transaction and business solution saves time and money and reduces tax risks as well.

Choosing an optimal structure of a transaction, business reforming or a certain business process, Usconsalt specialists consider:

  • Client’s real needs;
  • technology and conditions for a deal/ business process implementation;
  • real court practice;
  • tax risks and tax effects;
  • risks of parties to a transaction.

What does Usconsalt Client get when applying for a legal expertise of tax risks?

  • possible variants of a transaction / business process implementation;
  • real assessment of tax risks;
  • information on potential negative effects;
  • clear and comprehensible recommendations.

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