Tax disputes

Usconsalt specialists are tax consultants. The specialists have a good knowledge base and a wide experience in tax consulting field that enable them to conduct a detailed legal analysis of a situation and offer professional legal advice.

In our work we:

  • study Client’s legal basis and specific character of activities in detail;
  • conduct a legal analysis of tax audit legitimacy, including compliance with verification procedures;
  • conduct an analysis of judicial opinion;
  • study the evidence of tax authorities in order to disprove it;
  • collect evidence of taxpayer’s fair practices;
  • collect information about counterparts in order to assess risks.

Usconsalt specialists were successful in

  • representing taxpayers before the court;
  • pre-trial appealing the tax authorities’ decisions;
  • suspending implementation of a disputed decision/ demand of tax authorities.

Having a good experience of Client’s representation in court, Usconsalt specialists choose the most optimal variant of legal support for taxpayers and minimize his/ her tax consequences (fines, penalties).

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